Review: Sunset Garden Inn in Angeles City

My wife and I took a trip to Angeles City this past week and stayed the first two nights at the Hotel Royal Amsterdam. Unfortunately for us they were booked up for our last two days there so we had to find another hotel. We chose Sunset because of their location and pool.

We checked in at around 12:30 and the girl working the front desk was very nice and professional. We were shown to our room and it was a little worn and in need of new linens but the price made up for that. We checked in and spent the day around town and came back and ate at their restaurant. Their food though a little spendy by Angeles City standards was good & the wait staff was very good too.

Our problems started when we returned to our room and because it was raining we wanted to open the windows. We realized there was no lock on one of the big windows! Anyone could have gotten into our room very easily.

I went to the front desk to tell them, by now the girl who checked us in had left for the day and the girl that replaced her has no business in the service industry. She sent up maintenance who knew that the lock was broken but said he could not fix it. So we went back to the front desk (this is at 9pm) and the clerk said she could move us to a Deluxe room for an additional fee. I told her that’s unacceptable and offered to pay the increase for our second night but as it was 9pm and because they put us in an unsecured room they shouldn’t charge an additional rate. After a 15 minute arguing session she “found” an open standard room.

This room was infested with mites & ants it had thick dust over the wardrobe and moldings. The sheets had holes in them and the worst part was the night stand. It was filled with used condom wrappers as well as what looked like empty narcotic satchels.

They already had charged us and it was so late we ended up staying there (big mistake as we were eating alive by bed bugs or mites). We checked out as soon as we woke up and changed to a different hotel. We were offered no apology just attitude.

My Rating: POOR
(avoid staying here, be forewarned, there are better places to stay for the money)

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