Review: Apartment 1B in Makati

While wandering around Makati, my wife and I stopped in this restaurant. The decor is very modern and classy. The servers were exceptional from the welcome at the front door until we said goodbye after dinner. There was a good number of other dinners there on a week night which means they are doing something right! I had the mushroom and Swiss burger being an American I am on a quest to find the best burgers in Manila and this was a certainly a contender. I would say their specialty is French cuisine but they pulled off the burger and onion rings with style!

I would recommend saving room for dessert as they do a wonderful job at these as well from being delicious to the beautiful presentation. Their back line staff are very skilled and by the looks of their plating they take pride in the food they put out. Having only ate here once I wonder if they do this consistently but by the crowd there eating I would have to assume so.

My Rating: GOOD
(good food, very nice atmosphere)

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