Review: Handlebar in Makati

Handle Bar is kind of hidden away on Polaris St just a block from the entertainment district. It is the club house of the Mad Dog motorcycle club, so there is always a good chance you will see some amazing bikes parked out front. They serve some of the best steaks here in town, as well as a few local cuisine choice like adobo. The have lunch specials, a week day happy hour beginning at 9pm and wen-fri the feature some of the best local bands!

The live music is my favorite part of this joint, most of the bands play classic rock & roll and are very talented! See some of the pictures I have uploaded :-) This place looks and feels like the biker joints back in the states. Great place to get stuffed have a few drinks, play pool or watch some sports on one of the many TV’s in the place. You can spend an hour easily just looking at all of the cool decor hanging on the walls ceilings and the classic scooters parked inside the restro.

If your going to be in Makati for a while I recommend dropping by and if it is a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening it is a Must for any fan of Rock & Roll!

My Rating: VERY GOOD
(great food, fun atmosphere)

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