Review: Hotel H2O in Manila Bay

After hearing about this hotel, we wanted to check it out for ourselves. Both of us love snorkeling and marine life. So the idea of a room with such a large aquarium inside the room was very intriguing. We checked online rates and then called them. We were quoted a higher rate on the phone but when we mentioned the online rate they honored the online rate.

Check in was smooth and pretty short. We were given passes for Ocean Park and for the buffet breakfast. We had fun the first afternoon just checking out the complex and had dinner at the Gerry’s Grill there. The following morning we at at their restaurant and the buffet was really good. Not a very big buffet but the food was fresh and hot, the waiters were attentive and helpful. We enjoyed eating outside and reading the complimentary paper while watching the boats move about the harbor. We checked out at Noon and again it was very fast. After checking out we had our bags checked and went on to enjoy Ocean Park. I was really surprised how big the park was. Not what I was expecting at all. We had gone in the middle of the week so there weren’t a lot of people and we both really enjoyed everything about it. We also checked out the jellyfish exhibit (not included in the entrance fee but well worth the P150) The jellyfish exhibit was like stepping onto a spaceship! They have done an amazing job with the tanks and the lighting. My one complaint would be that there was no guide inside to give any information on the jellyfish, you are just on your own to walk thru.

We will definitely go back there, it is a little pricey by Manila standards but it is a very nice hotel, good staff, great service & so many options for dinning out right in the complex like North Park, Chow King, Gerry’s Grill and the hotels restaurant. We also enjoyed their deck overlooking the bay at night.

I read the review who complained about the parking and I can confirm it is a short hike from the parking to the entrance and I don’t think I would drive there myself. Not sure how safe your car would be so far away, and what if any security precautions the hotel takes to watch guests vehicles. We took a cab there and home and left the car behind.

(a great choice for an in town get-away)

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