Review: Balay da Blas Pensionne House in Laoag, Ilocos Norte

First off Mr. Sammy is great, his responses to email’s were fast. Booking was a breeze! We booked a 4 night stay at Balay da Blas. We stayed in a deluxe suite & it is massive. It has a full living room, a full kitchen with large dinning table. The bedroom is big as well. My favorite part about the suite was the furnishings. It was full of beautiful antiques and cabinets.

The Pensionne House itself is a very unique building, and the grounds are very well groomed. The location is perfect to see Laoag, We actually walked to just about every where in the town. It feels very safe and secure there as well.

The food is great, We ate breakfast there every morning trying the different choices and we never disappointed. The service of the workers there is top notch as well. We also ventured out to the restaurant in town owned by the hotel and would recommend stopping in there for a mean as well. Same food as the hotel but again the place is filled with antiques, hand crafts and the like.

The suite was very clean with the exception of some of the pictures on the wall. The could use a good dusting, that being said spots like that get missed in most hotels.

We paid P1,700 per night, which is an amazing deal for the size of the suite, the decor and the level of service we got there. We even had free wifi in our room!

The only downside was on our third morning there we woke up to no electricity. The whole town had a black out and there is no generator there. Which meant there was no water to shower. We had planed to go to Pagapud that morning but were unable to due to that. We did end up checking out a day early and switching to the Java Hotel for our last night. I don’t fault the Pension House on this as the whole town was with out electric and they don’t advertise they have a generator and it is Ilocos these things happen. They were very kind during check out (we had planed to use our credit card to pay, but no electric means no credit card machine!) We fortunately had enough cash to settle the bill (in part to the low rates!).

I would stay here again in a heart beat, and highly recommend it.

(perfect base camp for an Ilocos adventure)

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