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How-To: Claim deposit insurance from PDIC

Recently, a reputable bank named Banco Filipino has been taken over by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation or PDIC due to bank run. Apparently, the bank claims they have been a victim of smear campaign by the Bangko Sentral ng … Continue reading

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How-To: Over-the-counter withdrawal on Metrobank

Metrobank is probably the only bank that will let you withdraw over P30,000.00 via the ATM in one day. All the rest of the banks only allow you to withdraw up to the maximum of P20,000.00 at any given day. However, if you are withdrawing more than the prescribed limit, you can then make an over-the-counter withdrawal inside the bank. Continue reading

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Review: Corniche Dinner Buffet at Diamond Hotel in Manila Bay

Husband and I went to Diamond Hotel in Roxas Blvd. tonight and used our Ensogo dinner buffet vouchers. Per the voucher, we need to make a reservation and can’t just show up with the vouchers in our hands. Making a … Continue reading

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How-To: LTO Vehicle Registration Renewal 2011

First time to venture into LTO vehicle renewal process last March 7 since our car’s plate number ends in 3 (due for March registration) and second number is 2 which means we need to renew our car registration on the … Continue reading

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