How-To: LTO Vehicle Registration Renewal 2011

First time to venture into LTO vehicle renewal process last March 7 since our car’s plate number ends in 3 (due for March registration) and second number is 2 which means we need to renew our car registration on the first week of the month.

We went to the main LTO since our car’s registration has not been transferred to our name yet. We thought we can have the name transfer done at the main office, apparently, we can’t. We were told we have to go to Camp Crame or some place where name transfer is being done. We will just have to do this some other time. But for now, just renew the car registration.

Make sure you bring the following when renewing your car registration:

a) Original Receipt (OR)
b) Certificate of Registration (CR)
c) Third-Party Liability insurance (TPL)

Make multiple copies and staple them together. Whenever anyone asks you for OR and CR, always show the photo copies instead of the original (but make sure to bring the originals with you in case it is needed.)

Here is the vehicle registration process that we went through:

1.  Go to a certified smoke emission testing center to get your emission testing certificate (P365.00)

– Be careful going to fake or bogus emission testing centers (we heard there’s tons out there) who doesn’t really test your vehicle’s smoke emission but rather just put their “testing” tool on your car’s exhaust and take a picture but don’t actually test anything. Since we were members of AAP, we went to one of their affiliates and guess what? There was 15% discount! We only paid P365 for the smoke emission testing.

2. Get a TPL (third-party liability) insurance policy (P624.00)

– You only need to register for 1 year insurance (unless you want a longer period.) Again, as members of AAP, we opted to go to their main office and get a TPL there. The one we got was Federal Phoenix and cost us about P624

3. Go to the LTO office of your choice

– Like said earlier, we went to the main LTO office in East Avenue. We figured it would be best to go the main branch since it was our first time to do it.

4. Get your vehicle stenciled and inspected (P50.00)

– We were directed to go to the MVIS (Motor Vehicle Inspection System) area and have our car stenciled and inspected. Once you get the inspection form filled out, submit your form and wait for the cashier to call your name to make the payment. Since it was our first time to do it, I thought after we made the payment at the cashier, that it was it. We drove back to the LTO office on the other side and tried to submit the inspection form, only to be told that we have to do the actual inspection first and have the inspection form signed by the inspector. We had to drive back to the inspection area and finally got inspected. Our car was checked for the following:

  • Headlight (low light, high light)
  • Reverse/backing lights
  • Signal lights (front and back)
  • Park, tail and brake lights
  • Plate number lights
  • Suspension
  • Wheels aligned
  • Wiper
  • Horn

We then went back to the LTO office again for the rest of the process.

5. Submit your papers to the Renewal window and pay the appropriate fee (P2,729.06)

– Have all your papers ready (photo copy of OR and CR, emission testing result, TPL insurance) and submit it to the Renewal window. After submitting it, we were told to go to the cashier area and wait for our name to be called.  We waited for about 15 minutes before our name finally got called. We paid the amount of P2,729.06, got our new Official Receipt for the registration and was directed to the next window.

6. Claim your vehicle LTO stickers

– After making the payment at the cashier, we proceeded to the next window to claim our stickers. Show your receipts and they will hand your a set of 3 stickers. Two stickers for the plate number at the front and back of your car and one sticker for your windshield.

7. Set the LTO stickers in your plate numbers

– Most important of all! The very reason we did this whole process was to get those small stickers so we can freely drive our car anywhere :-)

8. Leave a copy of your newly issued OR together with your CR and insurance policy in your vehicle

– We were told never to bring original copies of OR and CR and just always keep a copy of these in the car in case we got stopped by traffic enforcers. This is for sure a good practice.

All-in-all, we spent about 4 hours going through the whole thing. Not so bad for a first timer, I think. Definitely way better than having to go back on some other day because there are no available stickers left.

If your plate number ends in 3, March is your last chance to renew your registration. Otherwise, you will be in danger of getting fined or having to pay for late fees.

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16 Responses to How-To: LTO Vehicle Registration Renewal 2011

  1. Matthew Beatty says:

    I’m renewing a motorcycle under the previous owner like you. Who’s name did you put on the form and what name did you sign since it was still under the previous owner? I’m an American here and have been through the renewal process already with a company vehicle I renewed, but this time it’s my personal mc but under the previous owner still. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  2. lalaine victorio says:

    my question is what happens if the car was late for registration only a few days before the following month? what are the penalties and how will be charged? thank you.

  3. Pachomius says:

    “All-in-all, we spent about 4 hours going through the whole thing. Not so bad for a first timer, I think. Definitely way better than having to go back on some other day because there are no available stickers left.”

    Did you receive $0.10 for this article, which is something like 4.50 Philippine Pesos (.10 x 45)?

    We are constantly looking for write-ups on practical living in the Philippines, like how-to’s, reviews, tips, etc. You can earn $0.10 for every article you submit that will appear on the site. All submissions should be original (written by you), in English and should have at least 300 words.
    Register | Login”

    Who paid you?

    You save some money doing everything yourself, but in my case I just ask regularly the guys running the emission testing to do everything for me, and save myself 4 hours of time and work in the office vicinity yes vicinity wherever for renewing registration.

    The only thing I do is to bring my car to the emission testing service and pay the guys operating it something like 3,500 pesos or up to even 4,100 pesos depending on their greed and dishonesty and connivance with the powers that be, then go away to come back some hours later or next day and get the new registration receipt plus the plate stickers and front window sticker.

    Today I had planned to do it myself but decided not to because I know from past experiences that it will take the whole morning or the whole afternoon plus more hours to get to the place and fight for a parking space in some street several corners from the registration location, with the worry that your car might be missing when you get the inspector to come to do the stencil and the actual inspection, etc., or at least lose a side mirror or a magwheel center plate, if not a whole wheel with tire on it, even two or all four.

    And if you do the whole process by yourself you can also worry that the guy doing the inspection just just find something not all right with your car, so it should be fixed first before it can be registered anew, etc., you know what I mean? This guy can be a chief justice of the supreme court all by himself in this connection, unless you want to bring him to the senate impeachment court.

    But I am curious, did you get paid for this article to the amount of 4.50 Philippine Pesos and who paid you?

    Yes, I know this comment is awaiting moderation, etc.


  4. admin says:

    hi, leiwulf is one of the co-founders of this blog, so she didn’t get paid :)

  5. Moses' father-in-law says:

    I have just arrived from the LTO La Loma which is along Biak-na-bato and it just took me less than two hours to have my vehicle registration renewed without paying any “fixers”. I left the house at 7am and arrived at LTO at about 7:15am. I am the third to arrive for the emission test which cost me 420 pesos. There was an LTO aide in uniform that was there ready to assist me and he was the one who filled up everything and did the stencil for my vehicle. He just asked me for the photocopy of the OR and CR of my vehicle. Then after that I got my TPL insurance inside the LTO premises which costs 990 pesos (kinda expensive). The total amount paid in the new OR is 2329.06 pesos. The only sad thing I guess is that they ran out of stickers and that they told us that we just have to go back two days from now, which is Friday. It is been my first time in renewing my vehicle registration and I guess it was not really that bad as I have read in online forums such as this. Good luck to all of you having your renewal of vehicle registration.

  6. Meliza Paragas says:

    Please help me, i want to remove the name of my ex husband since we almost 5yrs no more communications. The registration in the name of me and my husband. Please advise what should i do?

    Appreciate you feedback.

  7. Bishel Amontes says:

    Hi. We just bought a second hand car and the OR is still registered with the seller and the CR is registered with the seller’s company. This car was a company car and was transferred already to the person. He didn’t change the name in the CR so that whenever they will renew the registration, it will still be charged to the company to prevent expenses. Is there a problem with different names on OR and CR? We need to renew its registration this April, hope you could give us some advice. Thank you!

  8. kathy grace says:

    hello. Do you need ID from the previous owner? I have car too and second hand. I lost the photo copy ID of the previous owner

    • admin says:

      hi kathy, from my experience renewing our car’s registration in the past, LTO will require that you present the ID of the previous owner of the vehicle esp. if you haven’t transferred the vehicle to your name yet.

  9. edskies says:

    Can I use RSU as travel document while I’am waiting for one week to process my new registration in 2012 because last 2011 registration NO STICKER AVAILABLE ? I have to travel Pampanga going to Tuguegarao.

  10. jason espiritu says:

    how many days can I still drive my vehicle if current registration expires third week of renewal month? Do I still have until the end of renewal month to drive my vehicle without getting caught? thanks!

  11. Lincoln says:


    I just bought a second hand car this month. It’s my first time to own a car in the Philippines. I’m totally lost with the process. I paid an extra to the car dealer so he is doing the process. I got the TPL (until February 2014), the PNP clearance and the stencil test.
    1) What documents will I get from the LTO ? The OR and CR ? Any stickers ?
    2) Do I have to register every year ? My car plate ended up by 6, so do I have to register it again on June 2014 ? But in this case, do I have to pay again a new TPL who will run until June 2014 ?
    3) And do we have to perfom a smoke test and stencil test every year ?

    Thanks a lot for your attention

  12. miles says:

    for the LTO late registration renewal, the penalty depends upon your ending and middle plate. If only the middle plate expired, the penalty is only 200. But if not renewed within the month, the penalty is 50% of your MVUC, and if not renewed Whole Year, the penalty is 100% of your MVUC.

    Hope this can helps.

  13. caz says:

    how much in a 5 years never registered for a car’ fine? thank you

  14. Driver says:

    Is it ok to renew a 2nd hand car but i dont have the original or, cr? Is it possible?


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