How-To: Over-the-counter withdrawal on Metrobank

Metrobank is probably the only bank that will let you withdraw over P30,000.00 via the ATM in one day. All the rest of the banks only allow you to withdraw up to the maximum of P20,000.00 at any given day. However, if you are withdrawing more than the prescribed limit, you can then make an over-the-counter withdrawal inside the bank.

Typically, other banks will not allow you to make an over-the-counter withdrawal unless you have already taken out the maximum alloted amount via the ATM machine. Metrobank, on the other hand, allows you to make an over-the-counter withdrawal despite not making any withdrawal thru the ATM

Metrobank charges a P50.00 fee if you are making an over-the-counter withdrawal on a branch that is not yours. If you are withdrawing from your own branch, you will then not get charged.

Here are the steps:

1) Fill out the withdrawal slip (blue form)

– You will provide your account number, account name, amount being withdrawn in words and figures.

2) Upon submitting the slip, on the space provided, you will sign the form in front of the teller

3) Teller will fax your withdrawal slip to your own branch and await for approval

– If you are withdrawing from a different branch, your original withdrawal slip will be faxed to your own branch

4) Once approved, go back to the teller and pay the fee of P50.00

– Present your original withdrawal slip (and the approved fax)

5) Teller will validate your withdrawal slips (original and faxed)

6) Cash will then be released to you

This process will take you about 20 to 30mins. Metrobank Banking hours are from 9:00AM to 4:00PM. Make sure to allot ample time when withdrawing over-the-counter.


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4 Responses to How-To: Over-the-counter withdrawal on Metrobank

  1. what if your branch is close because its saturday and you will process it on the other branch that is open during weekend.. since it needs approval to your branch will it be possible..

  2. bernardo baltazar santos/ maria luisa lantaca natividad says:

    dear sirs
    mam ask ko lang pede ba kami mag pa widraw sa hipag namin gawa lang kami authorization letter dito kami qatar san kami kukuha widrawal slip pede ba kami kumuha sa net ng form at ano requirments


  3. Mark says:

    Do i have to bring the ATM…??? Coz i when to a metrobank branch, and they told me that i have to have the ATM…

  4. can i withdraw my money with out my guardian?

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