Review: Corniche Dinner Buffet at Diamond Hotel in Manila Bay

Husband and I went to Diamond Hotel in Roxas Blvd. tonight and used our Ensogo dinner buffet vouchers. Per the voucher, we need to make a reservation and can’t just show up with the vouchers in our hands. Making a reservation though was fuss-free, just made phone call and got confirmed right away.

Getting there from Taguig was alright. I thought we were going to get caught in traffic but surprisingly we didn’t. We just took the road from C5 going to Market! Market! and from there take the Buendia flyover all the way to Roxas Blvd. From there, we found Diamond Hotel just past Aristocrat restaurant.

We parked in the basement of the hotel and was given a ticket that says, “P95 for the first 3 hours.” That was some serious parking fee to pay. We’re used to paying P25-P35 for 3 hours in the Taguig and Makati area. If the restaurant validates our ticket though, we can get a free pass, which was a relief.

The restaurant, Corniche was just at the lobby and we found it immediately. We were greeted with courteous waiters and directed us to a table by the window (with the view of an artificial waterfalls) and the waiters asked us for drinks. We both ordered bottomless iced tea and then headed to the buffet table.

We started the dinner with salads and it was good! Their selection of green leaves and dressings and toppings was a little better than Discovery Suites (where we went for Thanksgiving last year.) It was a good beginning. We then had soups and breads and moved gradually to the meats. They have every imaginable meats you can think of (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, fish, sea foods) it was starting to overwhelm me. I tried sampling most of the dishes and get a little bits of anything I thought was interesting.

The highlight of the dinner though was the shrimp. That was the one time where we had probably shrimp in about eight different dishes. I think I ate about the dinner’s worth of shrimp tonight. I started getting full fast, I haven’t even sampled other buffet stations.

We decided we were done at that point and just wanted dessert to top off our night. Their dessert table was as bountiful as the salad table earlier. There were so many to choose from, I just settled for some fruits, a piece of cake and a few shot glasses of different kinds of mousse. I barely finished my plate 😉

We soon were ready to leave and waited for a while til a waiter comes our way so we can settle any other bill we have and leave. When nobody came to our table, we figured we were clear to leave and headed for the door. We then got chased by a waitress and told us we have a bill for the drinks we ordered. We said we were going to pay at the reception and when we got showed our bill, it was a whooping P425! Seriously, over US$10 for 2 glasses of iced tea? (we were not told the drinks are not included in the voucher we bought when we went there, or we would have just had water!)

So, the Diamond Hotel dinner almost was perfect except for the ending there. If you are planning on using Ensogo vouchers there, learn from our lesson!

Next time we go to a hotel for dinner with vouchers, we already learned our lesson and will make sure to ask first what’s not included in the vouchers (reminds us of Dos Palmas Resort in Palawan – will have to write about our vacation there next time.)

My Review: VERY GOOD
(great food and excellent service)

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  1. steaklover says:

    hwaaaaattt!!!! you mean you didn’t even feed on the steaks at corniche???

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