Review: Avision 42″ LCD TV 42AL69

I have been using LCD projectors as the center piece of my home theater systems for years. The simple fact I could move it with out the help of my friends and I could control the size of the screen for the room were all great benefits. I recently moved into a new condo and there just logistically isn’t a good place to set up a projector based home theater. This put me in the market for a new flat panel television.

I spent several days canvasing the malls of Makati looking at all the brands, models and of course the prices! I had a budget in mind while searching and it put many of the name branded 42″ sets a little out of reach. I happened to walk past the Electronic Boutique in Park Square mall and saw they also sold LCD television. My eyes were immediately drawn to the 42″ Avision set they had on display. It was playing the movie “UP” and I was impressed by the clarity and contrast of the set. The down side was they had no other brand of sets to compare the picture to. I was also a bit surprised by the price 31,000php, this was well under the budget I had set!

I continued my search checking specs and prices at other shops, Glorietta was having one of their electronic displays in the rotunda. I demoed another off brand 42″ LCD from TCL and the picture was pretty awful, very washed and bad contrast. I looked over the name branded again, then back to look at the Avision. I had made my choice and bought it. Electronic Boutique also threw in a 7″ portable dvd player for free as part of a promotion.

I have now had the television for a few weeks and here are my thoughts on it. First the value is great, you can not come close to the picture quality in any other set for the price. The styling is also very attractive, I found a black glass and chrome stand and it really looks nice in the living room. Performance is also top notch, sure it doesn’t have the deep blacks of a plasma set but it isn’t bad at all. Connectivity is also great on this set, there are 3 HDMI connections which I really appreciate. I can hook up my video camera, computer and DVD player. There is also a VGA input, 2 component Inputs 2 composite inputs + 1 out. There are also 2 USB ports conveniently located on the side. I have used these a lot to watch downloaded media, the Avisions built in media player works very well though many video file formats do not seem to work (MVK, MPG, MP4 etc.) AVI file play flawlessly and ones that are encoded HD 720p or 1080p really look great! After 3 weeks of using this set everyday I am very happy with the purchase and think it was well worth the money spent.

PROS: Price, Styling, Connectivity, 1 Year In Home Service Warranty
CONS: Limited File Formats (using the USB ports and built in media player), Built In Speakers Lack Bass & High End

Tech Specs

  • Screen
    • Type: LCD
    • Size: 42 inches
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Max Progressive Scan: 1080p
    • Contrast Ratio: 50,000: 1 (dynamic)
    • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Connections
    • HDMI: 3
    • PC/DVI (white): n/a
    • PC/VGA (blue): 1
    • Component In: 2
    • Composite In: 2 + 1 out
    • Audio In: 4 + 1 out
    • S-Video: n/a
    • USB: 2
    • Card Reader: n/a
    • Ethernet: n/a
    • Wi-Fi: n/a
    • DLNA: n/a
  • Power Consumption: 200 Watts
  • Size: 1033 x 738 x 302mm (with stand)
  • Weight: 22.5kg (with stand)
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