Review: One Tagaytay Place hotel

After a quick decision to head out of Manila for the night my wife and
I turned to Trip Advisor as we usually do. We looked at this hotel as
it was ranked #1, read recent reviews and called them up. We have also
wanted to try a few other places in the area so we called first to get
rates and hear a bit more about the hotel. On the first call We were
given quotes on 2 different room and told about a BPI promo. We were
told what the rate was with the promo and what that included. We
called a couple other places to see if there were still vacancies and
checking rates. We decided to give One Tagaytay Place a shot. Sounded
like the amenities and breakfast were going to justify the rate.

So we called back approximately 15 minutes later and we got a
different front desk employee than the first call and were told a
higher rate. After a few minutes of talking the woman on the phone
came back with the original rate quoted.

Reservation made, we grabbed a bag and threw in what we needed for a
quick one day get-a-way then jumped in the car and headed out of town.
75 minutes later we were at the check in, when arriving we parked in
the basement parking and it was a steep tight squeeze.

Check in didn’t take to long, though long enough to ask for the wifi
password to check emails. After getting the password it punched it in
my trusty ipad and got connected then nothing…. nothing…. finally
5 minutes later gmail had loaded…. We were giving the key to our
room (no magnetic strip cards here, straight up RIFD cards. Bad choice
for obvious security reasons). Other security issue, the safe didn’t
work so we called the front desk. Well no problem the sent up
maintenance and they just changed it out with another! Those are
supposed to be bolted down, making them safe! Anyone could put that
small safe in a suitcase and stroll out the door.

The room we were giving was awful (see pics). We have traveled all
over the PH and this was the worst room we have ever been given. To
start with the wall paper is coming off the walls and there is water
damage on all four walls. There is black mold growing on the curtains
covering the sliding glass door. The bathroom walls were gross with
build up.

Tops of pictures and TV on the wall and the vents were thick with dust
and dirt. Seriously dilapidated wall coverings (again see pics).

The amenities we had looked forward to, the pool and the game room (my
wife’s quite the foose ball master) we also disappointing. The pool is
tiny and on the 9th floor, when we went up to scope it out there were
two kids in the kiddy pool next to a very small pool (which was maybe
30 square meters). There was only 2 reclining chairs at the pool area
and a small little bench in front of the kiddy pool area. We instantly
felt like we were imposing on the mom and her two kids when we walked
up there. Needless to say it was another big disappointment. While
waiting for the elevator the mom and her boys came down from the pool
with the kids so we decided to go back up and at least enjoy a few
minutes of the sunset. If you have the area to your self it does have
a very wonderful view of the sunset. It just doesn’t make sense for a
hotel this size went with a pool smaller than most single family homes
with pools here.

The game room is a joke! It is a tiny room with a small scale pool
table up against one wall and the foose ball table up against another
wall. Both games are unusable :( (see picture)

We also had nothing but trouble with the free wifi. We had to go into
the hallway for a signal and it was to slow to even do basic checks of
mail. The front lobby was also very small. The only place I found with
enough speed to load some news pages was in the banquette room where
the buffet breakfast is served. This was a good thing as after having
2 cups of coffee and waiting 40 minutes for an omelet it gave me
something to do. Both my wife and I ordered an omelet and we waited
and waited and when we saw people who had just walked in getting
served we asked a waiter who said he would find out what the wait is.
He came back and asked what we had wanted again as they forgot to make
ours. I was upset as previous reviews talked high of the buffet!

Buffet Breakdown:
cereal was corn flakes, that is it. (not sure about the milk as my
wife asked for a glass of milk and was told they didn’t have milk, so
what was at the cereal station?!?)

fruit was pineapple, water melon

2 bread choices

salad station was sad 2 lettuce choices and the iceberg was browning
really bad. Poorly skinned cucumbers and tomatoes. Thats it, one
dressing choice thousand island.

So the waiter took our omelet order again when back to the cooks there
at the station and they continued to make and serve for people who had
just walked up, so we walked out!

This was one of the most disappointing experiences as far as hotels
go. Even at half the price it would be to much. Our last trip to
Tagaytay we stayed at Royal Park, a no frills, no amenities, no
breakfast. It was half the price but it was a lot cleaner and you
would be better off using the saved peso’s eating at Bag of Beans or
any of the many wonderful restaurants in the area.

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