Review: Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Manila/At Mall of Asia

I booked a room here for Feb 5 2012 thru our Delta skymiles account. I booked this as part of a weekend getaway for my wifes birthday we spent Sat. night at hotel H2O in a aqua room then transfered to Microtel. The room cost was 33,500 miles plus $25USD the equivalent is $180USD. Upon reserving the room there were no potions for choice besides smoking or non-smoking and one or two beds. After booking the room I called the hotel to request a bay side view. On the first call an attendant said she would look into it and call me back. The return call never came :(

The next day I called again and talked to a pleasant attendant who said when we check in it would be sorted and we would get a bay view room. Upon checking in the nightmare began. The front desk clerk named Irish wouldn’t even let me explain we had booked thru Detla and had spoken to a rep of the hotel a couple nights previous, she said our reservation was for a city view room. She told us if we pay an additional php500 we could “upgrade” well having already put 180USD into the room we declined.

We got our room key and went to our room #909, upon opening the door we were shocked, the room had a foul oder, and the view was of a power pole and a dirty canal & a construction project. (will include pics) I unpacked my laptop and pulled up our reservation confirmation and went back to the front desk this time Irish and Ana read our reservation and were both very condescending and insisted I pay an additional php500 for a better room. I paid the fee and was moved across the hall to room #910, with a view of the MOA parking lot. The room also had an awful smell, having read the reviews here I looked at the aircon units filter and it looked as it hadn’t ever been cleaned. I cleaned it myself after 2 trips to the front desk and being treated as a mere nuisance I just cleaned it myself as well as cleaning the shower area after.

Having cleaned the aircon and unpacking resigning ourselves to the fact we got ripped off big time we went to the mall. We have an infant and a stroller so we weren’t able to take their shuttle to the mall. We returned from the mall in time for the sunset and being a amateur photographer I was looking forward to shooting some pictures of the sunset.

We took the elevator to the 12th floor with our infant to find 2 flights of stairs! So my wife carried our baby and I carried up the stroller. The view from the roof is very nice, the pool is very small and when we went to look at the pool we got dirty looks from other guests already in the pool as to say dont even think about coming in here. So if your not the first in the pool you won’t be using it unless you don’t care about the dirty looks.

The refrigerator in the room had no beverages and there were no snacks (our previous night at hotel H2O had chips, peanuts, sodas and waters all complimentary at a lower room rate) So we bought some beverages and chips at the mall and brought them up to the roof deck to watch the sunset. We were accosted by a Microtel employee with no name tag and told we would be charged cork-age for our chips, really ruined the whole moment as there were other guests and this hotel employee was very loud and aggressive embarrassing us in front of the other guests. (employees should always have to wear name tags!)

After being berated in public over a bag of chips we retreated to the room carrying our stroller and baby back down the stairs. Another point is there are 3 elevators the two on the sides have touch pads and they didn’t work on floor 9 for the down key. So we were pushing down on the middle elevator which is the service elevator and we were scolded by housekeepers for calling their elevator, apparently we were supposed to carry the stroller and baby down 9 flights of stairs?!?

Upon returning that evening we went to sleep and at 2am I woke up and was thirsty they have drinking water stations in front of the elevators and ice machines on some floors (not ours of course) but when I went to get water it was empty so I had to replace the bottle myself. (when we checked out I should have presented them with a bill not the other way around).

When we checked out the front desk made us wait until they had checked in the incoming guest once we were done the security staff tried to put us into a Goldliner cab. Fortunately we read mikkabella’s review and knew ahead of time the scam.

In short if location means everything and you aren’t paying for it yourself its a place to sleep. We paid more to stay here than hotel H2O the night before and the rooms, service and amenities were so much better! My recommendation is DON’T STAY HERE!!

Room Tip: stay somewhere else

My Rating: POOR

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