Review: American Heritage Turbo Broiler

We are big fans of turbo broiler and American Heritage Turbo Broiler was the first one we had. We enjoyed roasting whole chicken, pork chops, baked potatoes and even an easy-bake Bisquick. The broiler is very easy to operate with 2 dials for time and temperature. Nothing scary like the other digital broilers we’ve seen.

It comes with a mini-cookbook, 2 grill sets (one for the bottom and for the middle) and a grill-holder. The broiler is very easy to clean and cooks food fast and evenly.

Last year our AH turbo broiler eventually died (because of excessive use) and we decided to buy the same brand because we like using it so much.

Best of all, it is the cheapest turbo broiler we’ve seen in the market. Very satisfied with this brand of turbo broiler.

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