Review: CDR-King Electronic Water Pump

We previously had a standing hot and cold water dispenser that we have used all the time however after using it for a while we noticed that the water started tasting funny, with metallic taste or something. We clean the dispenser every time we put new water there so it cannot be because it is not clean. Anyway, we eventually gave the water dispenser away because the hot water was no longer working and the warranty was already over.

We looked for an alternative for the water dispenser and we came upon this electronic water pump from CDR-King (cheap too, less than P200.) We gave it a try and behold, this water pump is the bomb! It doesn’t have hot or cold, and if it’s really not a big deal to you then you might want to try this water pump as well.

The pump is battery operated (2xD batteries) and goes inside the 5 gallon container. It has a plastic screw that goes to the mouth of the container and screws to the rest of the pump to keep it stable. Then there is a button on top to turn the pump on and off.

We’ve been using it now for more than 2 years and it only needs battery replacement maybe every 3 or 4 months (will depend on how often you use the pump really.) Overall, for its super cheap price, and functional use, this electronic water pump is truly a great deal.

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