Review: Nux MFX-10 guitar multi effects processor

I recently found myself in the market for a new effects processor for my guitar. I did some searching on the local for sale boards looking for something cheap. While looking at the many Boss, Digitech, Korg and other brands listed I saw a few ad’s for Nux processors. Having never heard of them I did a little research, visited their website and looked over the specs. They looked good on paper but I was still a bit apprehensive. The prices on these were lower for new units than other name brands that were 5 to 10 years old. Next I searched youtube finding a half dozen or so videos. There were a few from the company that showcased a lot of the models and features. Then there is a few videos in other languages from users. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but the unit sounded really good.

So I made my decision to take a gamble on it, and at php5200 ($130USD) it really wasn’t that big of a gamble. I have been playing guitar since the late 80’s and when I started I used stomp boxes. I have had 50-75 thru the years and like the ease of use and control over them. It wasn’t until the mid nineties that I bought my first multi effects board, a Zoom 2020. I have been hooked on them ever since, to date I have had maybe 35-40 different ones. So I know their up’s and down’s, what separates the good ones from the bad ones.

Back to the Nux MFX-10. First impression is this thing is built like a tank. Solid steel construction much like the Boss GT series. It has huge rubber feet on the bottom to keep it planted in place. The pedals are large and spaced far enough apart to avoid accidentally hitting the wrong one, yet close enough where you can activate the built in tuner which requires stepping on two pedals simultaneously.

The expression pedal is a nice large size with a thick rubber pad, I do wish it had about 1 more inch of travel but that is the case with most pedal boards in my opinion. One of the high points of this processor is the color LCD display. It is very brite, crisp and detailed. It makes editing patches a breeze! It is a big step up for the boards that only have a 2 digit LCD display (this board also has the 2 digit display as well).





Editing patches is a breeze! The different amp models and effects show up in the color screen and you use the 4 large knobs to adjust the parameters. You just scroll thru the amps and effects, twist the knobs and hit save. That’s it! You can also rename your saved patches. Another feature I love is the fact every patch has an A and B setting, much like switching channels on an amplifier.



Connectivity is pretty standard, there is an Aux in to connect an ipod for jamming along to music. There is a footswitch input (might be handy for those using this to record with. You could keep the unit on the desk and go thru patches while keeping your hands on the guitar). It is missing USB connectivity so there is no backing up your patches or being able to share them like the Line6 products. The input jacks feel really solid and high quality as do the knobs on the front. The knobs are plastic but feel solid and the selector wheel has a very tactical feel to it.

The most important thing to an effects processor is the sound. This one doesn’t disappoint, once you get past the presets which tend to be to much of everything. I guess company’s do this to show off all the bells and whistles but usually presets are pretty worthless for actual use. I have gone thru all of the amp models and they rival the ones in Boss, Digitech and Line6 products. I have a suspicion they might actual have copied Boss’s models as they are very close. The chorus, flanger and tremolo are very creamy and smooth. There are analog reverb models as well as digital delays that are very nice as well. The only effect I was really unhappy with is the pitch shifter. There is a wammy effect but it sounds really harsh, no where near the quality of say the digitech wammy pedal. For me this isn’t a big deal as it isn’t an effect I would use anyway.

Other features include a handful of drum samples to jam along with. The selection is small and the samples are so so, but it’s nice to have when you get bored of practicing to the metronome. It also has a 20 second sampler with sound on sound recording.

All in all I would recommend picking one of these up. With a brief look over the manual operating the MFX-10 was a breeze to figure out, it’s been well designed and is very intuitive. At the price you can’t beat it!

Pros: Price, Color LCD Screen, Sound Quality, Build Quality
Cons: Unknown Brand, No USB Connectivity, Pitch Effects Lacking

*note: for testing I used a Jackson SLSMG with EMG 81 & 85 pickups

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8 Responses to Review: Nux MFX-10 guitar multi effects processor

  1. tarun stevenson says:

    Thank for the review. I have been eyeing one of these of but found it very hard to get any good information on them. How did you find the delays?

    Would you have a PDF copy of the manual you can send me to look over? The one on their web site is unreadable and I cannot get any response from the manufacturer.

    Thanks again

  2. Almyr Caezar Dequina says:

    Sir thanks a lot for the review. I just got one yesterday and I’m very excited but a little apprehensive as well since its not a well-known brand. But I hope everything works out fine. Hehehe.

    • Chilli says:

      Hi. So, are you happy with the Mix-10 multi effects processor from Nux Cherub? I am now doing research into the Cherub pedals. Thanks

  3. Nix says:

    i searched over the net to find descp of this product and also i can afford this,so i was right,this effects’ not bad as others been thinking, thanks for the review

  4. Elvic Waskin says:

    I actually have one of these babies. I am currently using it for my bands. As what OP said, the body is built like a tank. I’d give that a 10/10 as for the distortion and amp models im currently using the JCM800 emulator for RATM covers. The MT-2 clone for my metalcore band and the Lead100W emulator for my incubus covers. Along with the mentions heads I used the following cab emulators, VOX AC30 for my RATM and Incubus covers and the Dual Rectifier for my metalcore band. i give it 9/10. As for the modulators and effects I only use the ODs, Phaser, Flanger and the Reverb. the noise gate on this once functions like the boss NS-2 which actually does what it really does unless you have a grounded cable and pick ups. Im currently trying out the Vibropan, guess I didnt like it that much but who knows I might use this effect in the near future.

  5. adams olakunle says:

    Its a cool effect. Been using it for almost a year now.

  6. ian says:

    hi thanks for ur review on this effects unit . i have seen this name maybe a few years ago but never really showed interest until now. i have like every one esle looked at zoom digitech boss etc. what i liked was the demos for this brand. i think they sound very good. i live in australia n these are not known very well. i think i will find this n test it live that is where the proof is. anyway if i buy it will come back and comment. cheers ian 2015

  7. Ram says:

    Hi…thanks for your review…Is there an acoustic simulator in the effects ? Am not able to find that out anywhere.. Keep rocking..

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