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S&R Membership Shopping will be familiar to anyone who has shopped at a Sam’s Club or a Costco. It is a membership bulk store, with a yearly membership costing P700 or $17.25.

They have several locations: Bonifacio Global City, Congressional, Alabang, Aseana – Baclaran, Cebu & Pampanga. We have been to Aseana – Baclaran once, We go to the Bonifacio location once or twice a month on average. Having been to another location I can say they seem to be basically the same.  The store is about half groceries and half consumer goods. The inventory and selection of stuff is different from visit to visit. Most visits we find ourselves walking up and down all the aisles to see whats new.

On the consumer goods side they have a small selection of mid to high end electronics and appliances. There is usually a good selection of housewares, from towels, bedding, dishes etc..  Sometimes there are toys, clothing, lawn and garden equipment. Just depends on the day.

The grocery side of the store is what really shines for me. They carry a lot of products from the states you won’t find at SM or Market Market. They also carry many of the items in bulk, great for a big family but sometimes to much for a small one. We usually stock up on things like toilet paper and diapers which are noticeably cheaper then the other stores here in the area.

They have a good selection of canned and jarred products like soups and sauces. A very large selection of juice and pop, you can even find Dr. Pepper!  There is a good sized baked good area with breads and buns, cakes, cookies  you name it. I would suggest you inspect your bread items carefully as on one occasion we bought a loaf of honey wheat bread only to find out the bottom was moldy when we got home.

The deli has some great stuff as well. Lunch meats, cheeses & sausages. The meat department is big and has a separate seafood section with very fresh catches. The price on ground chuck, chops and steaks seem to be a bit better here and the quality is really good. The produce section again has a great variety with a some stuff you don’t normally see like fresh raspberries and blueberries. On more than one occasion I have scored some incredible shiitake and portobello mushrooms. If wine, beer and spirits are your thing they have a respectable selection of all, imported and domestic.

I noticed a lot of shoppers stocking up on the health and beauty products, of which they have a lot of and most of which are imported. Another thing to watch for last shopping trip we bought a big refill of Johnsons & Johnsons Tip to Toe baby wash. When we opened it to refill our bottle we found it was watered down not the normal consistency of the product. Upon closer inspection of the refill packaging I noticed the made in China. So closely examine packaging of products.

There is an automotive department that I have never really browsed but it looks like they specialize in tires and batteries. They have a service garage and look to have a nice selection of tires. When I need to replace tires on our car I will most certainly be going there for them.

I saved the best part of S&R for last. They have a food court inside the store. I would happily pay the membership fee each year just to be able to eat there. With out a doubt they have the best pizza in Manila. I am talking real authentic New York style pizza, calzones too!  They also have hotdogs, hamburgers, baked chicken and beef rolls, roast chicken, clam chowder and churros. All of it is great and most of the menu items are P99 or lower. They also have a Blue Bunny ice cream stand. If you have never had Blue Bunny ice cream you must try, it is thick rich and creamy.

Summary: I highly recommend people get a membership, if only for the pizza. You will save money on some items and find other items you won’t see any where else. The downsides are the place can get very crowded on the weekends. The lines for the food court and check out can get a little crazy. best to go during the week or get there when they open.

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3 Responses to Review: S&R Membership Shopping

  1. Abner Caranto says:

    This is a really great resembles a mirror image of Costco ..
    Any Costco member would agree.. Heavy supply of Kirkland brands there,
    Hawaiian king sweet rolls…ect …so if you don’t want to carry heavy canned goods (spam,corned beef/Libby’s ) buy it there…place I would buy due to alot of product come from my work(Costco)
    Quality good at wholesale bulk prices…

  2. Marilyn beltran says:

    Hello sir and mam. Pwede po ba akong mag tanong paano mag membership jan sa S&R dahil gusto ko pong mag member pero nasa ibang bansa poh ako ano dapat kong gawin …para pag punta ko jan may member na poh ako!! Maraming salamat poh,,god bless ,,,

  3. Mike says:

    Great review. I like their pizza too!!

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