Review: P.F. Chang’s in The Fort BGC, Taguig

20130214_162731I was excited to hear about the opening of P.F. Chang’s in the Fort. I have been a fan of the restaurant in the States for many years. They serve a very good American take on Chinese food, with a emphasis on service and presentation. In Metro Manila the big Chinese chain restaurant is North Park, and I like North Park,  but the service there is spotty at best and most locations feel more like a cafeteria (stainless steel tables and benches) than a upscale restaurant.  The menu at North Park also leans more towards traditional Chinese cuisine, and the presentation just being so-so, I think of them more for take out than dine in.

This Valentine’s Day, I took my wife and daughter (20 months old) to the new P.F. Chang’s in BGC, you can’t miss the place with the giant terracotta horses in the front. Upon entering we were greeted by the floor host Anthony who showed us to our table and got a high chair for our little one. I have been to over 100 restaurant here in Manila the past 5 years, many more back in the States. It was refreshing to go into a place that had their act together.  Our server was quick to approach us with the menus and take our drinks order, she also brought color crayons and an activity sheet for our daughter to color on.

20130214_164400For an appetizer we ordered Egg Rolls, they were served fairly quickly. They were hot and the wrapper was crispy yet light and fluffy. The mix inside them is very good, though I prefer the insides of egg rolls to be a bit more dense. The spicy mustard is amazing and the presentation was very nice.

20130214_170918We ordered the P.F. Chang’s Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour Chicken. I love Sweet and Sour Chicken and whenever I would go to a new Chinese restaurant in the States that is always the first thing I would try. For the most part P.F. Chang’s always hit the mark back home, and it is just as good here. The chicken is moist breast meat, the batter is light and crispy and the sauce is delicious. I think to do it proper sweet and sour sauce needs pineapple, red and green bell pepper and onion. The fried rice was great, full of fresh ingredients and looked as good as it tasted.

During our dining experience we never had to ask for a refill, as a matter of fact they brought a new glass with fresh ice and beverage each time. Nice touch that no other restaurant I have been to here in Manila has done. The wait staff was well trained to be aware of their tables without hovering.

Food wise it was on par with the locations in the States. I think the place really shines when it comes to service and presentation. The fact they have just recently opened and the fact it is only the second location in the country speaks volumes about the management. I would suggest every restauranteur here in Manila to take a trip here and see how it can and should be done. Floor staff should always be looking for eye contact with diners not avoiding it. They should be proactive in refilling beverages and clearing dirty plates not reactive.

The food met expectations but the service, presentation and ambiance exceeded and made it a very enjoyable experience. We will be going back soon.

My Rating: VERY GOOD

P.F. Chang’s
W Global Center
9th Avenue cor. 30th St.,
Fort Bonifacio Global City

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  1. DBP says:

    I do like PF Chang’s a lot also. I didn’t get to try it in Alabang while I was living in the Philippines, but frequented it in Vegas (at least once a month) while residing there. Not sure if they have the same menu in PI and the US, but you have to try the chicken lettuce wraps for starters (that’s what they are known for).

    Their pot stickers are not bad either. For main dish, orange chicken is pretty good and the same thing goes for their mongolian beef..probably the best one I’ve ever had with all the different chinese food I tried through out the years.

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