Review: Cost of Health Care in the Philippines

We had a hospitalization recently involving our little kid and I would like to give an account of what the cost of health care can be in the Philippines involving children based on this experience.

From what we thought was a short ER trip (no out-of-pocket as HMO usually covers this) turned to a full blown hospital admission for 3 days.

Our little kid was admitted on one of the top 3 hospitals in the country and below were the high-ticket fees and charges incurred during this hospitalization (note that I have rounded-off to ceiling the values here for easy reading and just to give you an idea – this is not the exact/actual amount, but it’s close enough.)

Hospital bills:

  • Anesthesia (during CT scan) P8,000 / US$196
  • CT Scan – head w/o contrast (plain) P6,500 / US$160
  • Holter monitoring P6,500 x 3 days = P19,500 / US$480
  • 2D Echo (Pedia) P6,500 / US$160
  • ECG (bedside) P800 / US$20
  • Pediatric adhesive sensor P2,500 / US$62
  • Combo of cardiac monitor, oxygen, etc. P4,500 x 3 days = P13,500 / US$331
  • Magnesium (blood) P1,500 / US$37
  • Creatinine isoenzymes P3,500 / US$86
  • Adenosine-adenocor vial (6mg/2ml) P1,850 / US$46
  • IV insertion (pedia) P1,250  / US$31
  • Disposable probe thru signal (all fit) P2,950 x 3 days = P8,850 / US$217
  • Pulse oximeter P950 x 3 days = P2,850 / US$70
  • Breathing bag (pedia) P750 / US$19
  • CBG (capillary blood glucose) P300 / US$8
  • CBC (complete blood count) P600 / US$15
  • Propofol-diprivan 200mg/20ml P950 / US$24
  • Pedia ICU (room and board) P3,800 x 1 day = P3,800 / US$94
  • Pedia small private (room and board) P2,600 x 2 days = P5,200 / US$128
  • X-ray (mobile) P450 / US$12
  • X-ray chest (pedia) P1,100 / US$27
  • Clave tri-fuse extension set P600 x 3 days = P1,800 / US$45
  • Consultation/admission fee (pedia urgent) P1,250 / US$31
  • Interpretation fees P2,500 / US$62

Professional fees:

  • Pedia – general P10,000 / US$245
  • Pedia – ICU P11,300 / US$277
  • Pedia – cardio P10,000 / US$245
  • Pedia – anesthesiology P14,000 / US$343

By the end of Day 3, our running total was at a P110,000 / US$2,700. Shortly after, we found out that one doctor forgot to put his PF in the statement of account and so it ended up roughly around P120,000 / US$2,950.

Fortunately, we have an HMO and our kid was covered as a dependent (as well as in PhilHealth) so the HMO paid all of the hospital bills (with the PhilHealth deduction, otherwise, if you do not file for PhilHealth claim, you will pay the amount they should have paid with your out-of-pocket money) except for the professional fees of the doctors not accredited to them. Our total out-of-pocket expense was around P22,000 / US$540 which we paid in cash upon discharge.

Later, I filed a reimbursement to my HMO as the professional fees of the doctors they did not cover is supposed to be reimbursable since we called them asking for a specific doctor and they were not able to provide. Hopefully if that reimbursement claim becomes successful, I will write a review about our HMO and whether or not they can be counted on in times of urgent need like what we just had.

I would be interested to hear what the cost of health care is, for children in other countries. If you are reading this and you do have some information, please comment on this blog!

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  1. hazel recibe says:

    hi.. can i know your hmo? im planning to get one for my family.

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