Review: Lenovo IdeaPhone P770

This is an initial review for someone who has just used the Lenovo IdeaPhone P770 for barely a day. I will not bore you with the specifications which you can find in reviews elsewhere, but I will try to write about my experience as a regular smartphone user which I hope will be of benefit to anyone deciding whether to buy this phone or not.


According to the official Lenovo press release:

Businesspeople demand more from their smartphones: more talk time, more security, more reliability and more options. The IdeaPhone P770 is a perfect complement for today’s always-connected, frequently traveling global executive. Sporting a 3500mAh battery with enhanced power management software, the P770 delivers up to 30 hours talk time between charges, while a unique, “genuine battery detection” function ensures P770 users get the most from their phone. In fact, with USB on-the-go, the P770 can even serve as a charger for other devices, while easily sharing files and data secured by native anti-virus software. Dual SIM capabilities allow you to move seamlessly across networks wherever your job may take you.

I have been a smartphone user since 2006. My first smartphone was a Samsung BlackJack which I used for almost 6 years. Trying to find a replacement took a while since I was very particular in how the keypad feels. I like them qwerty and embossed so my fingers can feel the letters I am trying to type. The next smartphone I found was the HTC ChaCha and have used it now for about a year. However, I was pretty disappointed with the way the touch screen gets out of sync and had to constantly reboot the phone to get it to work again. So I was in the hunt for my next smartphone and that’s how I stumbled on the Lenovo IdeaPhone P770.

I have used Lenovo laptop and netbook in the past and have always been impressed with its form and function. So I was not hesitant to look into a Lenovo phone for consideration. I’ve heard a bit about the Lenovo IdeaPhone P770 and its battery life which got me curious to look around the mall to see which store has one.

I went to SM Megamall Cyberzone and asked most of the phone stores about it. Several stores has them and the price range differs on each and every store. Prices start from P11,300 to P12,300 for straight payment or cash and P12,400 to P14,500 for installment. I ended up buying mine at a store called Power Premium Gadgets for P12,890 on a 12-month installment (around P1,074+ per month) since it was the best deal I found of all the other stores I asked around.

The salesman at Power Premium Gadget was pretty helpful and demoed the unit to me while describing how to use the basic functionality. I was happy with the packaging of the phone and had a screen protector put in (although the screen protector was a custom one, they said there is no screen protector that is an exact fit yet.)

I’ve just set the phone up and tried different settings. Several things that impressed me right away are:

  • The touch screen keypad is just perfect for my fingers. I can type well as I used to type on a smartphone with a built-in qwerty keypad (this was my major concern)
  • When I delete what I typed, it’s pretty fast. I have used other phones where deleting what you type takes more time than you would want.
  • Sliding between screens and apps is fast too.
  • I can share my battery life with another phone since it comes with a USB plug that another phone can use to charge their battery.
  • Gmail synching is fast. I got several of my Gmail accounts loaded which did not take time – in HTC ChaCha it takes a while to get Gmail synched to the phone.

For my initial impression – this phone to me is very appealing, feels solid (not cheap like other smartphones), has a wide screen for better viewing and best of all, very reasonably priced!

My rating: Good (so far)
(reasonably priced phone with above average features)

I will update this review again once I’ve used the phone enough to make another assessment. Stay tuned!

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7 Responses to Review: Lenovo IdeaPhone P770

  1. rezaperdana7 says:

    Nice review. I’m from Indonesia and trying to buy this smartphone. As i heard, its performance is amazing. Thanks for positive thought of you

  2. jay dy says:

    yes, it’s amazing! i love this phone because it delivers superb battery life.! btw, it will not hurt your budget!

  3. Ben says:

    I am from India and using my P700 for two weeks, Its an amazing phone with nice features. Go ahead bravely…

  4. relly martinez says:

    How about the dual sim function? Am interested on this phone because of this.

    • admin says:

      dual-sim is great! i have used it several times, both sims are active and it’s easy to switch sims when calling, sending text message or when going online on data plan.

  5. Karen says:

    Hello, thanks for your review. I have a few questions though. I am trying to decide between this and galaxy grand. How is the sound? I mean, when someone calls you, can you hear them loud and clear? it is a problem I noticed with my cherry mobile titan (tunog lata, hard time understanding the other person) so for my next phone this is a feature that is important to me. Also, how is the wifi signal? I read an Indian review that said that the wifi is weak. Also, how is the 3g signal? I always need mobile internet on and syncing email and YM for work. I am going to use it as more of a business phone. I also use Waze.

    I recently swapped my titan to a galaxy s duos but the s duos is really too slow and laggy, that is why I am looking for a new dual sim phone. But the call sound quality is excellent and i like how there are 2 send buttons on the messaging app and also on the dialer. It saves an extra step, no more asking which sim you want to use to send/call. Is the Lenovo like this also? This Lenovo looks good but can you tell us more now that you have used it for a longer time?

  6. Antonietta says:

    Very good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by chance
    (stumbleupon). I have saved it for later!

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