Review: Mazza Shawarma at McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio

424251_426111654132790_2141129358_nI got to try this restaurant last week when I attended a training in McKinley Hill. The restaurant appears to be fairly new as the interior still seem to be not too beat-down. There were a good amount of diners so I thought the food must be good.

I asked the waiter what their best-seller is and I was told of the “Beef Shawarma Wrap” and “Beef Shawarma Rice”. I decided to order both to try them at the same time.

A few minutes later, the food was served. The beef shawarma rice first showed up. The bowl was topped with beef bits with shredded onions and tomatoes (didn’t see any¬† cucumber in my bowl.) It did look inviting so I had my first spoon-full. My initial thought was, the meat was cooked differently as the usual shawarma you see elsewhere. The beef was juicy but definitely lacks seasoning. Overall, the shawarma rice was a bit of a downer to me. There was nothing exciting with it. There was no “hmm…that’s really good” moment. Halfway through, I even asked for vinegar hoping I could save the taste or something (but it didn’t work.) Towards the end, I barely finished the rice bowl and was hoping the shawarma wrap was gonna be better.

The beef shawarma wrap came with beef bits, shredded cabbage, onions and tomatoes. I was getting positive that this would be better. However, on that first bite, I had the same feeling as I had with the shawarma bowl. I tried the add white dressing but to no avail. The beef was juicy and the pita bread was doughy (wish the bread had a little bit of sweetness to it) but not enough to rescue the entire meal. It lacked flavors I was looking for. Both the rice and wrap tasted flat.

Maybe I ordered the wrong food here for a first-timer and should have ordered something else. The ambiance was relaxing and the staff were attentive but if you put “shawarma” in the name of your restaurant, diners would expect that it’s the one thing on your menu that you get perfectly right.

I was sadly disappointed that nothing excited my palette. When I think of Mediterranean, I think of bold spices and flavors. My entire experience was like, I’m eating it only because I don’t want to waste the money I spent.

My rating: Just ok
(probably will not be going back there anytime soon.)

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