How-To: Setup your own job board using Jobskee

JobskeeSetting up your own job board these days is now a breeze. Thanks to Jobskee, a simple open source job board that let’s you setup your own job board easily.

But first, why would you need your own job board? Because it’s expensive to post to commercial job boards! One ad can cost you between P2,500 to P5,000 and would only last you maybe 30 days. With this investment, you can setup your own job board that you can use again and again and your only additional cost is hosting it every year (cheaper that one job ad.)

What is Jobskee?

Jobskee is an open source job board simple enough that everyone can use it.

It was inspired by some of the best job boards online: We Work Remotely, Authentic Jobs and jobberBase.

Minimum requirements:

  • PHP5.3 and above
  • MySQL 5.0 and above
  • mod_rewrite enabled

How to install Jobskee:

  1. Download Jobskee here:
  2. Export sql file to your MySQL database
  3. Update admin table with your desired username and password (sha1)
  4. Upload all the files to your web server
  5. Update config.php with your preferred settings
  6. Change file permission of /assets/images and /assets/attachments to 777
  7. Check that all .htaccess files were uploaded
  8. Visit your site!

PHP stacks used:

  • Slim Microframework
  • RedBeanPHP
  • Bootstrap 3 UI


  • Browse jobs by city, category
  • Post new jobs without registration
  • Manage job posting
  • Option to highlight a job
  • Receive job applications
  • Send and receive notifications
  • Create dynamic pages and content blocks


  • Default responsive template
  • Company logo upload
  • Social media sharing
  • HTML job posting
  • Email subscription
  • Ban IP address or email domain
  • Bulk job posting using CSV
  • Admin panel to manage jobs and applications

What are you waiting for? Setup your own job board now!

Download Jobskee

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