2015 “Philippines Guitar God” winner announced

This year has been one for the books when it comes to guitars and guitar players. Eric Clapton turned 70, we lost B.B. King & Eddie Van Halen removed any doubt to the rumors he was a major doush bag. Here at home in the Philippines we have the up and coming Paul Marney inking a deal with Gibson Guitars and dropping his first album with The Bleu Rascals. We have the legend Wally Gonzales writing new material and gigging with his band Bato. Then we have this years winner of the coveted PH Guitar God award. This years winner has put in over a quarter century honing his chops and sharpening his licks in multiple bands, stages all over the Philippines.


This year has been a good one for Kowboy Santos, this years recipient of the Philippines Guitar God award. His latest project “Generation” has their first album out and it has spawned multiple singles including “Love is Killing Me”

There is a lot of buzz surrounding this south paw axe slinger so we wanted to take a few minutes and interview Kowboy about the award,the Lino scandal, the new band, the album and what the future holds for the virtuoso.

11412146_1453537604961295_3442669527101452545_n Interview date Monday July 27th 2015.
Kowboy: Hello?
LifesaPinas: Hey Kowboy! Life sa Pinas here
Kowboy: Life? Penis? What??
LP: Sir Kowboy
KB: How did you get this number?
LP: We wanted to ask (*Click*)

At this point the call was dropped and all subsequent redials went unanswered.


All of us here in the Life sa Pinas office wish Kowboy and the Generation band all the best in the future and extend our congratulations on the award. Long live the Philippines music scene!

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  1. Eric Clapton says:

    That’s my begotten son right there

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